Wheelchair Car - Intercom system?

Hi all. We have just recently got a WAV, where I am driver and my wife is in her wheelchair in the back. There are just the two of us in the car normally. Talking is proving to be really problematic as we can’t hear each other (she is very quietly spoken and obviously I am facing forwards). Does anyone have any advice on intercom systems for the car? I really want something simple that is hardwired into the car, possibly using the existing speakers, and not dependent upon our phones. But all I can seem to find online are those for motorcyclists and rally drivers, which are not really suitable. Or is there another solution?

@KevScott I’m not experienced with this … does your WAV car have bluetooth, ie leverage your phones but with the car and using headsets? - I guess you’ve explored & done that hence why you don’t want to be dependent on your phones?!? Perhaps old-school walkie-talkie style with headset instead of handheld?

Thanks. I am trying to avoid headsets to keep it as simple and as “natural” as possible. But I might have to take that approach yet. Shortly after I posted this though, I did find out about Taxi intercom systems which might yet work (though as there is no partition between front and back there might be too much interference.


Hi @KevScott a voice amplifier with a lapel microphone could be an option.

You might be able to find a wireless lapel mic that is compatible.

Links aren’t recommendations - just for information.

Does your wife have a speech therapist or OT? They may be able to provide a solution. In our area they provide voice amplifiers for people who need them.

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Thanks, those are not something that I had considered. I will also ask her OT to see if they have any suggestions.