What's the going rate for sleep ins/night sits?

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Really curious if anyone here has any paid overnight support in place for the person they care for, or if they know of anyone who has overnight support.

If so, how much does it cost you/the local authority per night? :-???

I know overnight care is really hard to get, and it seems prices can range from £30 a night to £130! I don’t understand how there can be such a big difference in cost and why some LA’s just won’t even consider overnight support for most. With all the fuss over how overnight care is priced, I’d love to know what everyone’s experience is with it here.

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The agency that I use for my wife lists their sleep-in charges as follows:-

22:00 - 7:00

Sleep-in - £150
Awake night weekday - £170
Awake night weekend - £190

If your caree has such high care needs that they need someone with them awake at night, then that is beyond the care Social Services provide.
Try to get this from SSD in writing, it will then strengthen your case when you apply for NHS Continuing Healthcare instead. Google CHC Framework for more details.

Thanks, Ayjay!

Is this funded by the local authority?

If so, is it via a direct payment or personal budget (CHC) at all?

Not sure it makes a difference to the price paid, but it’s always interesting to know.

From my understanding that’s not true, and that’s just something social workers like to say to save the council budget, but it’s completely unlawful for social services to have a blanket policy in place for overnight care. If a person is assessed as having overnight care needs, then they must provide the required care and support otherwise they’re in breech of the Care Act.

The criteria for CHC is that someone has higher needs than SSD can legally provide.
Have you read the CHC Framework?
If you qualify you get all the care you need FREE of charge.

You still haven’t told us anything about your carees needs, why they need overnight care.
I’m very busy, really don’t want to get involved in a guessing game.

Yes, in terms of HEALTH care, as in requiring catheter changes and intravenous medications.
There are plenty of people out there who’s needs fall under entirely under social care and still require night time support.

Is it really necessary to be rude? No one is starting a guessing game.
At what point did I reference a caree that I was here to seek advice for?

I was being direct, not rude.
Trying to help others unravel health and social care, having been a carer for 42 years, with a total of ten carees, I know quite a lot about the system.

This is a forum for unpaid family carers, looking after a family member.

If you are not a family carer, with a family caree, then this forum is not for you.

It’s not a service that we use, just the prices as listed by that agency, but at £1230 per week just for a night-time service, my guess is that any local authority would find it cheaper to put someone into residential care and wouldn’t pay those rates.

Yes, I can see you like to speak as some kind of authority on the system.
However, quite how you’ve managed to act as an unpaid carer for ten different family members is beyond me.
So who really is the one who shouldn’t be here?

And there is such a thing as unpaid carers having or seeking paid support for their carees, you know.
You’re not owed the details of anyone’s story.

Oh absolutely. I do wonder if personal assistants would provide cheaper overnight care, though. Since most of these higher costs are mostly fees for the use of an agency. I doubt there are many carers out there who would actually see over £150 a night.

Here is some of my life:-

At one time, we were supporting 5 different people all entitled to highest DLA at the same time!
My mother was disabled since 1976. She was a hoarder. Took us a year to empty her house!!
My son was brain damaged at birth.
My sister in law had post puerperal psychosis, requiring admission to hospital.
I cared for her son
And her new born daughter.
Mum in law had Alzheimers
Father in law had heart failure and bowel cancer.
Dad had prostate cancer.
Brother had thyroid cancer, and then pancreatic cancer. He was in Uruguay, I had to empty and sell his house.
Husband died of heart disease.
I had kidney cancer and major surgery, found my husband dead in bed, and had a head on smash 3 months later.
I was hobbling around on sticks trying to run a business, sell 30 tons of vintage lorry spares to live on, and care for son and mum in varying ways.
I have 2 knee replacements now.
I formed and chaired a registered charity for disabled children.
I chaired a charity for disabled adults.
I formed and ran a national lorry club for 20 years.
I wrote a magazine about lorries, 20sides of A4 every 3 months, and ran shows as far away as Liverpool, Chorley, and Selston.
Until my husband died, we spent every summer weekend at a steam rally, me driving a Land Rover and caravan.

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