What’s an “autism thing” you actually DONT fit?

For me, I LOVE parties, nightclubs, etc. The thud of music vibrating through my body is pleasing to me & makes me wanna stim (which I can do, because everyones dancing!) & since there’s so many people around, I know not all eyes are on me so I’m less self conscious about acting omegle.2yu.co weird.

For a while, I thought I couldn’t possibly be autistic for this omeglz reason.

Hi Norah,

like NT people, people with autism/who are autistic are all different. Autism in women and girls is often very different to autism in men and boys - hence them often getting a late diagnosis.

Have a look at the NAS website https://www.autism.org.uk

They also have an online community Community

Carers Uk is primarily for those caring for a family member or friend.