Diagnosed by friend

I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember but have never been suspected to be on the spectrum. I also know women/girls are often overlooked for ASD. I have had the same two friends since kindergarten (love them to pieces), but there have also been periods where we did not speak for a while. They were always considered the popular girls at my school and were also friends with other popular kids, however I never made the same connections. I always admired how sociable they were and how they always knew exactly what to say and do to be accepted with the other popular kids, however I could not fit in to SAVE MY LIFE.

Fast forward to a year after graduation, my best friend mentioned she thought I was autistic based on a handful of Tik Toks she had seen related to my “situation”, and the fact I repetitively listen to songs I like. I was taken aback because she has never mentioned anything like this before. I never denied it and just kept listening to the connections she was trying to make from my life. After a while, she said she believes she is also on the spectrum. This is where I’m conflicted.

My friend has struggled with mental health issues in the past and we share very similar traumatic experiences. Ever since she has mentioned being on the spectrum, her personality has changed quite a bit. She now is very vocal about her ASD traits and relates a lot of her behaviors, especially all of her negative ones that affect others poorly, to this spectrum. Also, I need to add, she basically outed this suspicion of me being autistic to a group of friends at a party. Ever since then, every time we hang out, there is some mention of her or my autistic behaviors which is very annoying at times.

I have been trying to meet with a therapist or psychiatrist to explain everything further and see what their perspective is, but I thought if anyone has went through a similar omeglz situation

Thanks in advance

This isn’t Reddit, it is Carers UK

Your friend is indiscreet and disrespecting your privacy with her tiktok diagnosis.
Tell her to stop it, you didn’t ask her for this unqualified diagnosis or for it to be broadcast.
it is up to her for herself but not up to her on behalf of others.

This a link to the forum for the spectrum also other information in there for you to look around at.