What does the term carer mean to public and press?

Do you neighbours understand the term carer, or do they think of nurses. Does the term carer now have any meaning should we change it to family carers like in the States or unpaid carers?
With cut backs the wheel is reversing in recent years and we are u fortunately going back 20yrs when people were unaware they were carers. It does seem still to be better for young carers and family.
What do you think should be done to raise the profile of CARERS?

It would help if the government started to treat us properly, value the work we do, and pay us accordingly!

Hi Margaret,
Interesting subject from you.
To raise the ‘profile’ of carers has to come from carers themselves!
But I hasten to say that often us carers are drawn into the role without choice and without realising the commitment and responsibilities we are taking on. Lots of us are on a low income and may have a disability of our own (such as I do).
However, I do believe there are things we can do to help ourselves. The best thing I ever did to raise my profile was to come onto this site!
I have learnt that as a carer I must not neglect myself. I am important, too! I now make time to do things I enjoy, spend time with friends/family and do my favourite exercise (which is dancing).

Some years ago there was a campaign to “Reclaim the name” - i.e. get the media on side to realise that the term “Carer” meant that army of unpaid, non-professionals caring for friends and/or family and NOT paid Carer Workers/Care Assistants. It involved emailing/contacting via social media those journalists/newspapers, TV/radio presenters who used the term inappropriately. I well remember that the BBC’s Jeremy Vine did take it on board ad still uses it correctly today.

Perhaps it time to try again ?

Maybe if the government / powers that be, added something in front of the word carer, for example kinship or very similar, it would save the confusion of paid, and unpaid carer?

Carers UK are supposed to be making people more aware of what carers do… But they aren’t.
They are more interested in keeping it in house (carers helping eachother) most people don’t have a clue what a full time carer is and to be honest they don’t cere either.
The government are not interested and why should they it’s cheap labour… Until carers UK do a proper full on media campaign carers will always be in the shadows.

Very little it seems. I have been a Carer for more than 8 years. I agree that the term Carer needs to be re-evaluated. The example given already by a previous post relating to “Kinship” Carer is a very good illustration. The profile of Carers urgently needs to be reviewed and given more value and status.