Getting to know new service users

Helloooo, i was hoping to get some tips as to how to get to know a service user better? I’m terrible at small talk and all I know is their clinical background- help meeee😂

This is a forum for unpaid carer. I’m dismayed that all the details on your client were not passed on to you properly!

As Bowlingbun has said this a forum providing support and advice to those caring for relatives and/or friends in an unpaid, non-professional capacity. We care for loved ones NOT “service users”.

As a former unpaid non-professional carer for my Mother I find the term “service user” to be derogatory - the clients you are caring for are individuals first

Perhaps try asking for a information sheet

Ask your line manager/supervisor for tips, there might be some corporate way.
I’m surprised this wasn’t covered in your training.
Refer back to your training and shadowing other carers for how they conversed with their clients or ask your colleagues for some leads.

Good luck in your work I hope you find it rewarding above the challenging nature of the job at times.