What do we do as low paid live in carers?

Admin, hope this is ok to post this here, please advise or remove if not…

For anyone who doesn’t know how hard it is to be a lowly paid live in carer to family… see the responses on this link.
(But I am guessing anyone on this page knows all about this!)
I still don’t get what Healthwatch are supposed to be doing to help us!!

PS They are asking people to fill in the online questioner on their website. Money for old rope as far as I can see
and a box ticking exercise?

Hello, Wendy. Sorry you do not seem to be getting any response to this post, but I think it is putting people off.

I don’t wish to knock Facebook; I use it myself in a restricted way. However many people have had concerns about security of information, especially if they want to discuss delicate matters, such as are often discussed in this forum. As for Healthwatch, if you are not getting anything out it, it is hardly an advertisement for others. Beware of online questionnaires unless you know you can trust the organisation. They may be trying to find out more than you would want.

I notice that you have had other, successful, threads on this forum and I think this is the best way to go - state clearly what you want to discuss and you will usually receive helpful replies.