What Are Contingency payments from social work?

Anyone know or ever received these types of payments? When are they paid/used?

Go back and ask them to explain, clearly, in writing. In my son’s case it was extra money for him if I couldn’t care for him, which is wrong in principle!


Internet search … plenty of hits … AGE UK … a usual number one :


Anything else ?

Follow BB’s advice.

I’m now on my proper keyboard, so here’s a bit more about my son’s situation.

in 2016 Social Services wrongly removed 9 hours of dom care per week, because the new useless social worker said that he came home “every weekend” when I’d said repeatedly that I could only manage every THIRD weekend due to my own health issues.

Later, his care plan had a “Contingency Plan” added. When he wasn’t at home with me, or day services were not operating, he could have a few more hours, but still not all the missing 9 hours.

However, the original plan was flawed. It should have said firstly how many hours a week care he needed to keep him safe, living independently without anyone helping him, how much those hours would cost, and then given a Personal Budget. Only after all that should there be discussion about how those needs would be met, with DISCUSSION with my son and me.