Weighty no more

Hi all!
Any tips on how full time stay at home carers can lose a few pounds?
Finding the time to exercise is quite hard as I get called every hour to do something, by the time I’m free I’m exhausted.
I’m trying to eat healthy but it’s bloody expensive and I’m a carb lover!
Please help :neutral_face:

Becky, you need more time off to get out of the house!

Tell us more about your caring situation. When did you last have a Carers Assessment, and your caree, a Needs Assessment, from Social Services?

Becky, hi - I wonder if the mods would unite this thread with your other one, so our replies are all in one place?

Sadly, a friend of mine whose dad-with-dementia (used to) live with her always said: Show me a carer and I’ll show you someone with weight problems.

It isn’t jut the practical side of ‘overeating and underexercising’…it’s the STRESS that makes us overeat. It’s the only ‘comfort’ we can have all too often. My weight ballooned too when I had to take on my MIL’s care (so annoying, as I’d just reached my slimmest for years!)

Hi Becky,

Another carer here who comfort eats when tired. Problem is it gets harder to shift the pounds as we get older too. The best solution for me in the past was to not have treats in the house at all, however, these days I have them at home for S, but that maybe an option for you.

I had to join weight watchers online a few years ago, in the end to lose weight, ( whereas, up to that point, if I needed to lose a few pounds, I had always just my mind to it.) I lost 2 stone, at the time, a few of us had a Weight Loss thread ( just looked back at it, in 2014.) This added cyber peer pressure to our individual weight loss plans. However the pounds do creep back on and I’d like to loose 1/2 stone again…

Keeping an honest food diary can help alert you to what and how often you are eating. Can you sneak out for a walk each day? A lot of it is down to routine, and replacing routine nibbles with something else.

S is moaning loudly, better go and investigate.


Hi. As stated before,I look after my mum and left the bank just over 2 years ago. I have lost 37 kilos in weight (6 stone) and only a stone over weight. Basically because mum needs to eat well, so do I. And what with all the housework etc and I have started my running again (I used to run for East Kent when younger) and have run 3 park runs. It is a juggle to fit in everything, I must admit , but I do have cover when I have run the park run. It’ll be better come the spring. Good luck

Hi Becky
I think it’s important that you have time to be healthy. I go to dance classes 2-3times a week and that is my respite from caring, my stress release and my social life all rolled into an hour a time. I get too busy trying not to fall over my own feet to think about anything else while I’m there.
There must be a way you can build something regular into your life. You must make it happen for
you.. You are important too.


In 24 hours if you can’t give only one hour for your body then you are following a seriously bad lifestyle.

“In 24 hours if you can’t give only one hour for your body then you are following a seriously bad lifestyle.”

Yes, exactly - I am sure no one would disagree with you. That is often the problem for carers.

indeed - and if you do get an hour free, it’s a lot more tempting to spend it slumped torpidly by the telling eating comfort food.

For every ‘hour of exercise’ you also need to have a free ‘hour of vegging’ as well, otherwise you will always choose the vegging over the exercise if there is a choice.

To have time to exercise implies you have CONTROL over your life. Carers don’t have control.