Looking for Advice on Bath Aids

Hi all

Looking for some experiences of aids for lifting someone into and out of a bath.

My partner has arthritis and uses a wheelchair. She is not able to walk and cannot stand without assistance. I am reasonably fit and she is not heavy so in the past, I have lifted her in and out of the bath. I am a little concerned about this as I am her sole carer so if I had a pulled muscle or damaged back it would make life very difficult for her. I also tend to lift her under the arms which is not the best for her shoulders.Hoist and bath lifts seem rather over-kill solutions and the noise and fuss might also spoil the relaxing effect of having a bath at all but I have seen products called ‘gait belts’ or ‘lifting belts’ which I thought might be helpful to make it easier for me to lift her safely.

Has anyone used these products for this purpose? Some of the nylon versions look like they might be quite abrasive to someone not wearing clothes and I have seen some users say they slip upwards on a slim person.

Be glad to hear comments and product recommendations.


Heya. You might ask a OT about that. My advice is to contact a few aids stores in order to request advice and recommendations as to what to use. Hopefully the staff working at the shop can provide advice and deal with any questions as well. Good luck. There should be one at least in your local area as well. Ring or email to find out more. I hope this is useful. Most disability aid stores have so many items to look at plus useful tips. I would start there. If you give them some information it will be easier for them to recommend products that could work.

@Andy_190712 You should really make contact with your local social services and ask for an OT assessment. A “gait belt” is used - usually with the help of two people - to help someone walk without losing their balance, but it would not help with lifting someone except for giving you something to hold onto. It wouldn’t reduce the risk to your back, and might actually cause some bruising on your wife.

My mum had really bad arthritis, housebound for years. Social Services provided her with an Archimedes bath seat so she could enjoy her daily bath. You might like to have a look at them online, but definitely get the OT from Social Services to do an assessment. Aids are free, no financial assessment, and the OT might suggest other items to make life easier.

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My parents had a bath chair, which was a nightmare for cleaning the bath and needing to use the bath. If you given one make sure you clean it regular as it easy to pick stuff off it. I would ask the OTs about adapting the bathroom to a shower room and wet room. As it easier for a wheelchair to go into the shower and do a chair transfer than climbing. Have them to have a look.