Suggestions for buying Elbow Crutches

I am looking for a good quality elbow Crutches ( Pair ) for my mum. She met with a car accident and had 15 days bed rest. After that we went to her doctor and he said because of her age she might loose her balance and it can harm her knee. So, it would be better to use crutches for her support.

I have never bought any disability products. So it will be great to use some help.

If Mum’s GP is recommending elbow crutches then he/she should be referring her to the local Occupational Therapy team who will be able to measure her and ascertain the ones that best meet her need. They can supply them free of charge for as long as she needs them

When my wife had her spinal cord injury she was given elbow crutches. As Susieq says, if that’s what the doctor is recommending, you should be referred to a Community Physiotherapist.

Thank You for the suggestions i have found the a perfect pair of elbow crutches for my mum.
Elbow Crutches

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