Water Bill over 500 pounds

I don’t know what’s happening but my carees water bill has shot up, he lives in a small flat, only one bedroom so why is he being charged so much?
North Yorkshire so it’s Yorkshire Water, he is paying.

Can I be very cheeky and ask what others are paying? the bill is over £10 a week for one person barely using any water.

Is he on a meter?


Meter or not if he gives proof of certain benefits. He should be able to receive a reduction.


I live on my own in a small flat with a small garden - my water is metered. My last two bills (for 6 months each) total under £250.00

I suggest contacting the supplier and ask them to check their figures, if it comes to the same kind of figure after than then it would suggest that there is a problem with leakage somewhere.

I live in 3 bedroom end terrace. My bill was £34 per month, ( just had a water meter fitted taking monthly direct debit to £23,)
Seems like an error has been made. Sorry to hear another worry for you

There’s no meter, well I don’t think so, some of my other carees have meters but no one seems to read them so don’t know how that works, estimate every year?

One caree was told that we live at the posh end of town, rateable value more so have to pay more for water, that’s hardly fair.

I did used to live at the other end of town and yes it was cheaper, postcode lottery again.

The leaflet does advise getting a meter fitted but the caree does a lot of washing, baths etc.
So will it work out cheaper?

Water meters are read every six months and as the meters are usually fitted into the pavement outside the property you rarely actually see the guy who comes to read it ! The whole point of a meter is to give an accurate reading so, no, they are not estimated readings. I’m pretty sure that the water companies don’t charge for fitting one.

I found that a meter has definitely worked out cheaper for me - I have one here and I had one in my previous property - my bills are still definitely cheaper than they were when I lived in an un-metered property back in 2002 even though I now have a garden that needs watering and back then I didn’t have a garden !