MIG assessment and water rates

When you have a financial assessment with the council for care, I’ve read if done as a couple initially it’s £163 each, and if there is Carer’s allowance an added £49? Plus on the form we’ve been sent there is a water rates category.
Is this for a standing charge only? Sorry, just been reading loads of stuff online from the council but some of it can’t fully grasp!

Savings wise we are under £13.000 together.

Many thanks

Hi Anita

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. You’re really better to contact the Helpline or your local Citizens’ Advice - I’d suggest the latter as they will know about the local flexibilities on things like “disability related expenditure” in your area

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Hi Charlesh47

It has been impossible to get through to their helpline and other helplines
On Age uk on Care it says if a couple and one is of state pension age and a Carer it mentions an allowance of £49.
We don’t have things to add to a Dre.

Many thanks

Hi Anita,

I’m sure the councils do this on purpose to make things so complicated that nobody knows or understands - and that includes the council workers them and social care themselves!

It might be better to type it all out into an email and then send an email to the Citizen’s Advice (or another helpline - or give them a race!) to get some help on this.

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Thanks Melly, it’s been a struggle with this particular council, on a review about them, someone has put they’re shambolic!
Anyway, it’s all been re-assessed and it’s lower not like the original assessment. So have to accept it now too much stress.

our council is the same … they are deeply in debt and couldn’t organise a p*ss up in a brewery - as the saying goes. No one needs the stress but especially not us carers - we have enough already!!

Well done for getting it reassessed. I’m sure they make the rules up as they go along. I hope your stress levels improve.

On the old forum we had thread about where we added how ideas of how we managed our stress … not sure its still on the new one. I shall check and if its disappeared (which would be a shame) start a new one.

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Hi again Melly

Your council sounds just like mine, it’s actually a county council, not the one we pay council tax to. But as a carer with a lot of responsibility and at times high stress we don’t need it. We got a rise from the government too! All £76 a week :face_with_raised_eyebrow: so insulting.

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