Visually impared

i care for my husband who has sight loss,any tips would be appreciated .thankyou

Try the RNIB

Hi Monica

Depending on the sight loss cause there are a few avenues.
First port of call is the website RNIB for the forum and their information about help, psychological issues and things like plates with a high edge etc…

Has your husband had a soc services care needs assessment?
Has the occupational therapist been to check for home aids for him around the house?
He qualifies for a blue badge and many things that the RNIB or other professional eg eye clinic coordinator for sight loss, social worker or occupational therapist etc.

If it is from diabetes have a look at the website for information and the forum.

If it is macular degeneration have a look in their website and get help from the eye clinic, there should be a coordinator person who can talk with you about things like a talking clock, coloured plates, plates with a lip/edge on them, magnifiers and psychological issues.

My mum is now registered blind, very little sight in her right eye - dry macular degeneration and blind in her left eye from wet macular degeneration. She uses an electric wheelchair in the house and the scuff marks on the skirting boards are living proof! I’m due to paint them over again soon!
She went off stews because everything looked the same, she couldn’t make out what she was eating and her sight is deteriorating now, she can’t always tell what is on her plate, even bright coloured salads on a pink plate. She often puts an empty fork in her mouth, I have to help her feed on bad days. The eye clinic said there will be some good days and some bad days with her sight as it will fluctuate due to her diabetes.

Hi Monica and welcome

If you haven’t already come across it, I strongly recommend the BBC Radio 4 programme “In Touch” on a Thursday.

If you can access the BBC Sounds app or the In Touch website, there are dozens of previous episodes on every conceivable subject relevant to visually impaired listeners.

thankyou for your advice

I may be clutching at straws here a little bit. Is there any talking magazines in your area. They usually offer free services to blind and partially sighted people. I used to volunteer for one before the pandemic and we would create an audio page comprising of spoken news articles from local newspapers. It may not be the most helpful of services, but a lot of people used to send us messages saying their family member loved them because they had some respite and their loved ones could have some independence back.


thanks for your helpful reply

Definitely contact RNIB and find out about what they can do in order to help. Make brief summary notes as well. Also see if your local library has audio books, CDS or large print materials. I believe that they even have a website with some more information. I would start there. Good luck. Perhaps contact the closest hospital to enquire about vision therapy sessions and vision clinic appointments. Someone working there should be able to offer you tailored advice and tips.
If you have a good trustworthy support worker then that person can help you to access a few other forms of support. Alternatively message your family doctor to get the ball rolling in the right direction. He or she can take care of the referral to vision services in your area of residence. It cannot hurt.
Call them up or email on Monday morning pronto. Hopefully I have given you a few lines of active inquiry to begin with. Keep us updated. Apply for any state benefits. Vision issues never stopped anyone from living their life.

thankyou so much for your advice

Good luck. Tell us more about your caree.