Visitors unvaccinated against Covid

Hi, I’d appreciate some reactions please. My mother is 97. She missed Covid so far, and has had all her jabs to date. However she is now classed as “frail” and indeed her health has taken a downturn in the last month or so, resulting in a month-long stay in hospital to stabilise her.

She has several long term heart issues. And vascular dementia. She has returned from hospital to her sheltered flat and is just about recovering, with a full care package plus me as backup. It is only just enough. I know many members will recognise the issues of building someone up after a hospital stay.

A vaccinated relative would like to visit her now she is home. The relative’s proposed drivers are long term family friends, very dear to my mum. Neither of the drivers are vaccinated, they are conscientious objectors. One of them has had Covid twice (at the start of the pandemic and more recently) and his partner just once, recently.

My gut reaction is to say to all three potential visitors, the vaccinated relative is fine to visit in person but sadly not the others. (As we have discussed when the pandemic was at its height.) Alternatively, my mother could choose to take the risk. Or we could meet the unvaccinated guests in the garden? I’m not sure what the flats manager would say either.

Your thoughts would be very welcome, thanks

Trust your mind OP

Hi Laura

Your mother is a trooper and has a massive will to live by the looks of it.

For my mother it would be a no brainer - no entry indoors, garden only and 2m distance.
My mother is frail and clinically extremely vulnerable. The risk is too dangerous, it could be fatal.

If the flats manager doesn’t say no then I would question their standing/the policy of the company.
The nurses wear PPE when they come here because of my mother’s frailty.

All unvaccinated friends and family know they cannot visit.
Those who are vaccinated have to have mask on and temperature taken and covid test.
Visits are in the garden or the conservatory by the open doors but in winter, it isn’t an issue because we rarely get visitors then.
Our manor, our rules!

Thank you!

Thank you for your support. I have checked with the flats manager. As the flats are owned independently, by anyone over 65, there is no overall ‘rule’ but she agreed with me that we should take precautions as the circumstances are unusual. Thanks again.

Hi Laura

No matter how well vaccinated your Mum is, she will have a compromised immune system due to her age, which will make her more susceptible to covid. The vaccines will give her a measure of protection, but not as much as they would to a younger person, and any contact with the virus is a risk to anyone over 80.

Go with your gut.