Virtual wellbeing webinar for carers. HELD APRIL 9

Was this webinar on April 9 recorded for for others to see? What questions were raised and discussed? What advice did the expert offer?

I wasnt able to participate. How do I find out what I missed?

Thank you.

Just checked the main Carers UK site and You Tube.

Nothing posted … 9 months since anything last posted on You Tube.

Advertised on Facebook but nothing else.

For any reader , a brief outine as to what a " Webinar " is :

What Is a Webinar ?

A webinar is an online seminar that turns a presentation into a real-time conversation from anywhere in the world. Webinars allow large groups of participants to engage in online discussions or training events and share audio, documents or slides – even when they’re not in the same place as the meeting host or in the same room where the event or presentation is taking place.

I have first hand experience of virtual meetings using Zoom … somewhat chaotic if more than 4 participate … especially when discussing any issue / topic.

Even more so if someone is not first elected to dish out the occasional yellow card … even red if it gets too heated !

Any feedback from any reader ?

Thanks Bill. I recently attended a live remote meeting with my fire attorney via Zoom and it worked well. Limited to the first 1000 registrants!I

I wonder how ‘virtual’ the webinar was?! Lizzie announced the meeting also on this page of the forum April 3. One of those postings that were locked.

Best regards to all.

Virtual would imply software on one’s computer or a meeting hosted elsewhere on the Internet.

Carers Radio broadcasting the annual general meetings until 2016 ( ? ) springs to mind … viewers could ask
selected guests of Carers Radio any question during said broadcasts using one’s keyboard … a little crude
but one had the satisfaction of actually hearing what went on.

I’ll leave that to Carers UK to expound on … having not seen anything prior to this thread , and
my searches tonight.

Fyi Bill:

Cheers … none the wiser.

( 472 reads … a little impressive given what’s happening daily out there. )

Me neither!

I suppose I need be patient. It is Easter break. But not for all those unpaid carers.

It is Easter break. But not for all those unpaid carers.

Not for 17 million … 8.5 million carers … one carer / one caree … 8.5 million carees.

Bill, many more views than Michael’s links to the CEO’s blog announcement at a mere under 60views, and ceo speaks to media at around 70 views!

Perhaps if Carers UK wants carers to view what the CEO is saying, then the CEO needs to post on the carers forum herself!

Rather like Her Majesty The Queen has been doing to her subjects on the BBC herself lately.

Early doors ?

Hello everyone

For those of you unable to make it, you can watch Abbie Fish’s wellbeing seminar here:

We got great feedback on this and it’s full of tips on looking after mental health and why this is so important. There was an ongoing discussion too which was also very helpful

We hope to host more of these and will post details on the forum as before

If you’d like to see more you can find Abbie on Instagram at

A one way Skype type presentation … not a Zoom one … thanks Jane.

I missed this completely.

To encourage much greater participation, please could we have a reminder in future.

Those of us who are not tech savvy would also appreciate guidance as to how to access a “webinar” so that we can participate, not just view afterwards.

Similarly, not all of us are on Instagram.

Participation , BB ?

Skype not Zoom … a case of watch and listen.

I’ll be surfing into a Zoom meeting at 8 pm this evening … usual chaos will reign … unless the self elected referee turns on everyone’s mute button
every 10 seconds or so … and that’s just amateur astronomers / cosmologists for you.

Try a Zoom meeting for footie fans … or carers ?

Thank you for your response. Before when a dietary expert had a live forum session on good frugal eating and meals for careers, carers were asked to submit their questions before the session. They posted those questions on this forum itself. AND FOR ALL MEMBERS TO SEE BEFOREHAND.
For this webinar, the Carers UK announcement was locked to forum participants. We were told to email those questions, privately. (Perhaps due to the personal nature of mental health issues?)

I’ve read no feedback from forum members as to how useful the webinar actually was.

These days, it seems all too common to pronounce just how successful one`s own efforts have been…

“Everyone’s doing a FANTASTIC, TREMENDOUS OUTSTANDING job,” what does that actually mean after you’ve heard that a dozen times daily!

When it comes to " Live " sessions , they can be either open or closed.

If closed , there is very likely to be a good reason … mental health issues a good example.

If to filter out " Difficult " questions , then that is not a good reason … more of an affront to open discussions.