Urgent and no joke scam

straight from the city of london police fraud team , extremely sophisticated scam going about about this morning , definitely danske bank customers but possibly all banks . you get a message saying payment hasnt been taken eg 02 vodaphone , ee and to click here as soon as you touch it the money has gone they all ready have all your details and its the most advance scam the banks has ever seen , they are being inundated with calls thousands flying out of peoples accounts!!

Yep … the one mentioned is pretty lethal.

Joins a whole wave of scams currently doing the rounds :

Social disease: how fraudsters adapt old scams to exploit coronavirus | Scams | The Guardian


Just two articles out of … 20 or so … since the lockdown commenced.

Internet search … UK CORONAVIRUS SCAMS … the number of hits is frightening.

Action fraud ?

Still around … good luck if any reader needs to report one , let alone have it investigated.


See the warning at the very top !

Thanks for posting.