Unreasonable delays to my 119 week Carers Allowance claim

Hi Guys,

Has anyone experienced unreasonable delays with there carers allowance claim?

I applied for Carers allowance in early 2017, I then had a response from CA unit 20 weeks after my claim was made requesting payslips, which I then responded on 18th July 2017. On 04th October 2018, CA, Response apologising for responding 67 weeks later and asking for more payslips and reassuring me that my claim was a priority.

On 14th February 2019 a call centre rep, said my claim was not a priority, that it was my fault and that I should get a job if I’m suffering from financial hardship!

on 15th April 2019 (28 weeks later), an inaccurate award decision was made, I then responded via Mandatory reconsideration outlining my reasons for there inaccuracy. When I called to see if my MR was received, the Call Centre Representative: Nieem or Raheem:

Was Extremely rude, unhelpful, made multiple attempts to overpower the conversation. Intentionally misled me to believe, that only the case manager/ appeals department can release relevant academia DS790 from. Therefore, he had lied about his ability to relinquish relevant documents via post.

Also, he lacked compassion; was aggressive when I enquired about accessing the form online, however, was adamant he could not do so; therefore, clearly incompetent. Another call centre representative had confirmed that the call handler had the power to issue the DS790 forms via post, however, he had completely misled me to believe that this was not possible causing a further 47 day delays to my claim.

Can anyone tell me if they have experienced unreasonable delays to there own claim?

Thanks, guys for reading this! I don’t know what to do!


Hi Omar … welcome to the forum.

Even after 15 years or so on various forums , the delay you have experienced is unique !

Internet wise , the CAB provide guidance for claimants on benefit delays :


My recommendation is to read the guidance provided … and then contact them direct for confirmation as to the way forward.

I fear that you will need them behind you to get the right result ( Given the date of your ORIGINAL claim ).

Let us know how you get on … it will help add to our collective knowledge base.