Unprofessional Professional

Anyone else had this.

I have had this week a professional that shocked me with his judgemental, critical viewpoint in response to a decision recently made by my son and us as a family.

All this, I believe because he didn’t want the extra work it was going to make for him…which is HIS job.

I will complain. I would not want him to do this to a vulnerable person.

Good job he was dealing with me and not my son.

I feel this professional should have been put out to pasture a long time ago

Oo-er that doesn’t sound good! Dealt with a fair few unprofessional professionals myself too. Good job your son has you advocating for him. Exhausting though isn’t it, having to battle for things which should be a given.


Good luck!

Thank you Melly and Thara

Its unbelievable what we have to go through sometimes!

I shall be making sure that my son and said professional dont meet.
As soon as said professional has done what’s needed I will put my complaint in.

Dont want them to say what they said to me to a vulnerable person.