Unpaid carers Direct Payments

It was supposed to be introduced years ago, that unpaid carers instead of getting provided services, they could get a direct payment so they could say, pay for driving lessons, or buy a computer or pay for counselling.

Does this exist, did it go ahead, how do you get one?

My area was doing Wellbeing grants (similar to above) , a one off payment to help the unpaid carer.

I think i read that one council, Oxford or Cambridge were giving a one off payment of £500.

But have not seen any info this year.

Did this scheme go ahead?

I have tried looking on the internet but just keep finding info for carees, instead of getting council carers, you get the money to
employ your own carers.

HI Londonbound,

I have heard of carers grants prior to the pandemic. I haven’t had one but I know of others who have - parent’s at school & carer’s of young people at S’s college have learnt to drive/ had days at a day spa etc with this money.

Where we live, this is accessed through the “Carers Hub.”


Looked again and it says personal budgets for unpaid carers.

Direct payments/ personal budgets are they the same?

I don’t know?


Its just terminology - when you can summon the energy apply.