Unpaid Carer Support is my mission

Hello my name is Trevor Clower, I am an unpaid carer for my son, who was born with a learning disability & autism in 1972.
If you go to this link … (15) Virtual Carers Road Show - YouTube … you will see all the LOCAL support I have found in a market place of 54 video/stalls, offering a very large amount of LOCAL varied support for all unpaid carers in Nottingham City & County, no matter what the person they are caring for, is dealing with & its all FREE.
As you can see in the link, I have had a National Service User’s Award in December 2020, for my work with the Virtual Carers Roadshow… just go see, as its all there for everyone to benefit from.
You can also access my story too, on the roadshow listings.
My intention is to create a Roadshow in every City & County in the UK.
Trevor Clower
Unpaid Carer
NHS England Peer Leader

Hi Trevor, That sounds brilliant. I’m a carer’s advisor for my local London age UK. Let me know if I can help : )