Universal credit losing us lots of income

we have now swapped over to universal credit but i am so afraid as we are losing over £100 a month. its been nearly impossible before now to afford to live and now its going to be worse. plus my wife is being dragged through the system and its making her mental health so much worse.

Yep … how many are losing out on the switchover is recorded on the main UC thread … almost blow by blow :


Not all doom and gloom as the latest posting thereon reveals :


Universal credit regulations ruled unlawful by high court.

Terms would leave thousands with severe disabilities worse off by about £100 a month.

Government regulations that would leave thousands of people with severe disabilities worse off by about £100 a month as a result of moving on to universal credit have been ruled unlawful in the high court.

Hi I have lost 800 a month I can not understand why I have lost alot

Pray tell me more , Lisa … and I’ll have a trawl through the main UC thread.

Which individual benefits / allowances have been affected ?

One handy tool is an online benefits calculator … ideal for comparing benefits in old
money terms and now within UC :


£ 800 per month … said calculator should reveal the biggest changes ???

( Playing a blind hand , Working / Child Tax Credits seem favourite ? )

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