Universal Credit- Is there any point in claiming CA?

I have worked full time all my life and cared for my housebound grandmother. I have now become a ‘mum’ and on UC. I have been granted carers element, does anybody know any easy reasons to explain what the benefit of me applying for CA is? Also I cannot believe you do not get paid CA on UC!!! Even if I earnt less than £130 a week, I would still not get CA would I? Because they would take it off UC…so why would I apply for CA?

This reply may be irrelevant now due to the time delay, but the only real benefit I found from claiming carers allowance is that it carries more weight. What I mean by this is that it is harder to get than the UC carers element (I believe) and if I have to show proof of my carers status, they want to see I get carers allowance. From a financial point of view, it makes no difference.