Carers On UC... -£302 CA +£169 Carers element= minus £133pcm

I’m a full time carer…Actually doing it though! I wish I hadn’t had the misfortune of UC. Because the UC remove the monthly carers allowance and give Caring element, people think they are getting more! Yes you get CA but its taken(£302) from your UC and the carers element of £169 pcm is a carers earnings!! I only came on here to see if there was anybody in a similar situation. I had to take on employment as i can’t live on £35 a week for being a full time carer( Ironically the amount they deduct each week from the person receiving the care!!)
So the government get personal full time carers for free…
I couldn’t make ends meet and sought employment…But…
Then they take 55p of every £1 you earn as well!! so i was earning roughly £95 a week for 60+ hours!! I feel I’m justified to whinge, in addition to receiving a nil payment last month because I had worked in the assessment period, and had loans deducted as well as rent to pay, I wont get the £326
cost of living payment!! It angers me watching neighbours surface at 3pm and order takeaway and amazon shopping having received a bonus, while im working 60 plus hours and get no help!! I seem envious its true, but I must be a carer as the lady will not entertain anybody else after 10 years, I must fulfil my promise which is that i’m with her til the end.
I ultimately think Carers are cast aside and government funds should be used to help prevent genuine carers from not caring any more.
Maybe those ‘seeking’ employment should have to volunteer, or lose benefits. Then I bet the job searches will start.!

You cannot be forced to care for anyone.
It is your choice, whatever the elderly or disabled person thinks!

Ever since the 1980s, almost every change to the benefits system has made it more punitive and less supportive. Carers have always been on the rough end of this and have rarely seen progress: some of the progress that was made during that time was taken away. Not for nothing, when I was working in a carers centre the number two biggest problem faced by carers was money troubles.

Most people receiving benefits in this country are working. Or pensioners. Many of them are also caring. Changes in employment practice - especially the “gig” economy - have added to the problem.

What we need is a proper root and branch look at how to help people on low incomes, with a proper set of policies and legislation to ensure that people can earn enough if working, and can have enough to pay the bills if they are unable to work. And especially to be properly supported financially if they are caring for a loved one.

What really bugs me is the current emphasis of Rishi Sunak etc. on helping people who WORK.
I so wish these people spent time as an unpaid carer.
If we don’t care for our loved ones, Social Services will appoint an agency or day service to look after our loved ones and the staff are paid a going rate, it’s recognised as work.
So why isn’t what we do recognised as work too?
In theory, Direct Payments can be used to pay loved ones, in practice my authority places a blanket ban on paying family.

We have all taken on the task of caring for many genuine reasons and the government knows we are a soft touch. What is needed, but would never happen is for every carer in the UK to stop caring. This would crash the NHS. Maybe then would we all be looked at more seriously. Slave labour would pay better than being a carer.