UK app to track coronavirus spread to be launched

how will this app work out with people with disabilitys including learning if that cannot use or understand the latest tech

Badly ?

Once again , only a limited market for a vital product ?

Probably true to add that collectively , the local mutual aid groups now know more about the vulnerable on their manors and their needs , inside four weeks ,
than both the Government and LAs combined over the past ten years … by simply knocking on doors.

As I understand it from a brief explanation on CNN, american news tv station, each person with a mobile phone, if they want to, can download the app, agree to conditions of use, voluntarily. The app, through the phone’s Bluetooth function, monitors and stores in the cloud which other phones your phone comes within a certain distance of.

When people get the virus and are already registered, they notify the app on their phone. The program can then notify other users that their phone has been close to someone who’s tested positive or has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Hopefully, you don’t get an alert .

Apparently the process has been used elsewhere to back track contacts, e.g. Israel?

That’s about all I can remember.

Ultimately, although it’s a passive monitoring system, the person would need to keep the phone powered on, take it with them, and to recognise and act on any alerts or have someone else who could.