Two handed care because mum won't press the buttons?


Well we had an XY wall mounted hoist fitted so mum could go to single handed care. The OT has agreed single handed care is possible, However the present carers are saying she cannot be single handed care as their policy says mum must be the one pressing the buttons. She has a little difficulty with the buttons as it is air controlled and also wants “someone who knows what they are doing” pressing them.

Feels like seven months fighting to get the hoist was for nothing.



I would contact the OT for advice.

Who funds your Mum’s care?


Hi Melly1

OT always seems to go quiet when I email but I have to jump to it when emailed! Trying again.

Mum is presently self-funding.


Hi David,

Oh yes. I have the same issue but usually with social workers.

As your Mum is self funding, then it makes moving to another agency straightforward. There is no harm in approaching other agencies to see if they would meet her needs with a single carer. This is something you could do whilst chasing and waiting for advice from the OT.