Two handed care & LPA


Sorry for the double question but going round in circles.

The OT advises mum needs two carers due to the mobile hoist (she is restricted to bed - trying to get a PT to help is also tricky and when I do the carers seldom help withthe exercises). We almost got a fixed hoist fitted but that has suddenly gone quiet (and I don’t even have the OT contact details - they always call me!). Even during the pandemic our present care company had 12 different carers attending mum in a seven day period. I don’t know half of them and mum has given up trying to remember them. The cost is bad enough but they keep leaving after 10-15 minutes of a 30 minute slot, don’t folow the care plan, have over charged us and are not responsive to complaints. I see there are self employed carers via agencies such as CuramCare. Are they allowed to attend mum if they are willing, trained and insured for hoisting alone?

Secondly, we need to setup a LPA. I tried talking to the doctors surgery in January about who could sign as a Certificate Provider (as mum knows no-one for at least 2 years) but was told after 30 second by the receptionist she had “wasted enough time on this call” and put the phone down. I after the Disctrict Nurses, one didn’t know, one said she probably could but didn’t want to and the last suggested I call my doctor! So, who can be a Certificate Provider for a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Sorry for the waffle.


Hoisting is only ever allowed by a minimum of two paid professionals.

It makes you wonder how I manage to do it on my own without any harm coming to my wife, but I do, at least twice a day, often 3/4/5 times. We have one carer on four mornings a week and I’m the designated second carer during those visits, purely for the hoisting.

So I’m afraid that you won’t find any pukka Care Agency who will do it.

Feel free to waffle about whatever you like.

There are confusing rules, an elderly gentleman i know has direct payments and employs carers, but there is only one ever one carer at the house to hoist him in and out of bed etc.

But another man I know gets carers from Social services although it is contracted to a private agency and yes 2 carers are needed for Hoisting.

The OT is the one to sort out the fixed hoist and hoisting issues. Contact Social Services, demand a meeting and that all these issues are sorted out.

It is typical of carers to run off to the next job but your mum is entitled to the full half an hour and should get half an hour.

Start keeping a diary of what is going on to put in a complaint.

You can contact the Care Quality Commission, the CQC and complain about the bad care.

I would complain to the Practice Manager, suggesting that the receptionist was in “urgent need of further training” about your valid request. Ac carers we tend to live isolated lives, the only person outside the immediate family I could think of to verify me was my solicitor.
Also ask the manager for a copy of their instructions to staff concerning carers, and if there was a Carers Lead for the practice, as suggested by the Royal College of General Practitioners?
Don’t get mad, get even.