Hoist or not

Hello mum is bedridden,her carers couldn’t use the hoist supplied by phsio as said too difficult to move over the carpet so we took carpet up so mum had a bare floor. Only a few of her carers felt confident to use the hoist which scared mum ,she won’t go in it now so not being moved out of bed at all now .these are private carers and my questionis I suppose are social carers trained to use a hoist in the home ? As I’m sure mum would benefit from maybe using the commode or getting into a wheelchair so we can take her in the garden , she’s not been outside since last Dec .
Thanks in advance Lynne

They can be. This is something to discuss with them.

Hi Lynne,

Both paid private carers and social care carers can be required to hoist - but it’s a matter of training and their agency providing training.

Are the private carers from an agency? Is your Mum self funding?

Morning Lynn

Sad to hear you having such trouble, it is unacceptable.

Raise the issue with the care company manager, if you don’t tell them they don’t know.

This is what you booked them for and what you are paying them for, it is in the care needs and they are contractually obliged and are breaking their promise to you.

Tell them you are concerned that some carers are not confident with using the hoist and could they please do retraining on hoists with them.
If there is resistance then tell them about the change to floor surface and that your mother has not been out of bed since December and the lack of confidence of their staff in using a hoist is detrimental to your mothers quality of life.

If they don’t sort it they are in breach of contract.

If that doesn’t change things then get on the CQC - Care Quality Commission.
Threaten to change care company.

Isn’t this almost “Deprivation of Liberty”.
It’s never a good idea for someone to stay in bed, hospitals always expect you to sit next to the bed in the upright chair.
I found these the most uncomfortable chairs in the world, and more than once refused to follow orders after surgery!