TV/Netflix recommendations?

Anyone got any decent recommendations for stuff to watch of an evening?

A fast eclectic mix
American Symphony - (recommending to everyone everywhere! - sad and uplifting - need tissues)
All together now 2020 film - uplifing
Dumpling - has Jennifer aniston in it - gem
Somebody feed phil - travel food show with the guy who wrote Everybody loves Raymond - he has a boyish wonder and thrill at travelling…sad also because his parents did a little cameo at the end of each episode (so cute) and season before last they passed…v touching tribute in last episode (LOVE it because I get to travel when I can’t)
Ditto on any travel-food programs on netflix
ALL of Queer Eye - with box of tissues

Night agent was good thriller

I liked ALL the ‘Lost in Space’ series - well crafted Scifi Moreover family-character dev is good
Raising Dion

Thats all netflix - I can’t do dystopian or horor or over violent - don’t think we need more over-exagerrated drama in our lives!

If you get Amazon - Reacher is good and becaue you all know I love animal stories - A dogs purpose and a dogs journey are super cute uplifting ones (one follows the other - can’t remember which way round they go)

ok - gotta go!


Lots. Death in Paradise is good.

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From Netflix:
The Queens Gambit
Black Mirror
Alice in Borderland - a bit niche though, won’t appeal to all. Think Hunger Games meets Squid Games meets I Am Legend!

If you have Amazon Prime:
The Marvellous Mrs Maisel

And I’ve discovered that episodes of Hustle are on iPlayer. I know it’s old but I’ve been enjoying watching some of those.


I’ve now seen Game of Thrones.

Having heard people say how great ‘Saltburn’ is, I watched it over the weekend.

I was reminded at one point of Brideshead Revisited, but events kind of … escalated! I don’t consider myself to be prudish, but I really could’ve done without the grave scene :astonished: !! Anyway, watch if you dare. Maybe with Granny out of the room!