Tried and family

I feel so tried and drained. I was at doctors last week and broken down crying because I feel so stress. I haven’t been sleeping. The doctor gave me some tablets to help with that.I had lost all sense of self and purpose it seems that I’m not connected to anything anymore. I’m moving in the world but don’t feel part of it. :-???

Ditto Natalie. Just sobbed down the phone to my doctor. Sometimes the frustration and futility of it all is just overwhelming. What is your caring situation?


Long term caring is TOUGH.

I’ve very often wanted to run away, and twice nearly did. It was so, so tempting. I just couldn’t betray my husband like that, when we had both sets of parents very ill, a son with LD, and a business to run.

I can now recognise when I’m feeling “delicate”. In fact I am right now, not helped by the fact that I’m also trying to get some building work done at home, the lounge is completely empty and the contents are everywhere. There’s just a narrow path to my computer this morning. The electrician is coming this afternoon, I’ve just ordered the underlay for the carpet, which will be refitted next Tuesday afternoon. A week of putting stuff back in the lounge, before the “dining room”, we always call it that although it hasn’t had a table in it for years, goes through the same process!

If you tell us a bit more about your caring role, who you are caring for etc. maybe we can find a solution, or extra help to give you a much needed break?

I’m feeling delicate too. Still feel the passing of hubby isn’t real? Getting ready to have the bathroom refurbished, which I dread, but also want and it needs doing. Then more house refurbishment. Keep telling myself its for me, which it is, but feels lonely too.
Please stay with us, and vent as much as you need. It helps.