Travel to school or college - sentas

I know that many carers have trouble getting good travel arrangements to school and college, post 16 free travl is sometimes withdrawn, etc. etc. There are solutions I never knew about!!

Contact SENTAS for more information.

Thanks for this info.

There are big transport issues and cuts for SEN children where we live. I’d have been so stressed if this had happened when S was still in education and I was trying to juggle work and parenting/caring.

They are trying to stop transport for under 5’s and over 16’s altogether. They have been charging over 16’s for sometime now.

They are very quick to exclude children from transport for challenging behaviour and as bus journeys become longer, ( the best practice guidance that journeys shouldn’t be over an hour for primary children, has gone out the window,) more children are struggling. Two of my pupils were banned from transport. One glad to move schools, the other is brought in by his Dad, who has had to reduce his working hours.


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