Transitioning to adult services

I am new here. My apologies as I am sure this topic has been discussed previously but I couldn’t find anything specific on the search.
My daughter will be transitioning to adult services soon and I will like hints and tips on what to expect; what to be aware of; things you’d wish you had known; and really any general advice on how to get through it without a breakdown!.
Many thanks for any replies :slight_smile:

My son is now 41. At 16, he was entitled to adult Income Support as he was disabled, even though he was still at school. I wasn’t getting any benefits, but if you are, take advice before applying because various things will change. Are you the DWP Appointee? If not sort this out. Make sure the money goes into a separate account in your name, to comply with the rules. Do NOT ignore this advice!
She is entitled to education until she is 25, don’t miss out on this either.