Tips on how to stop swearing online

I don’t want to sound like Mary Whitehouse but no one has ever sworn in this house before (of the offensive varierty). So far I am doing reasonably well at stopping lodger with learning needs and her boyfriend swearing at home :smiley: -but every time I look at them on face book I am nagging them about posts with offensive words. They have been on Social Services internet course but any tips appreciated.

Henrietta, are their friends offended too? Understandably you can ask them not to swear in your home, but on social media ??? Why not tell them you no longer want to be friends on Facebook due to your friends not appreciating the swearing and leave it at that.

However, if you think it’s causing them problems too, then show them how to use *** and___ to represent part of the swear word and make sure they have lots of alternative words to use instead -.their vocabulary may well be quite limited.


Swearing just shows lack of vocabulary.
I swear that this is so. :slight_smile:

Thank you both- yes I think all their friends use it frequently-but not really sure. I like the idea of ***.

We have already substituted a few words at home like Giraffes and elephants. I will try to extend this to internet. I’m only on FB to keep an eye on them as lodger got herself into trouble on htere before. I don’t want to nag so much that they block me but it is disheartening to read and come across some words.


The staff at my late husband’s nursing home were told to write exactly what was said for assessment purposes. Some staff found it difficult to write the word. I suggested the use the *** or ### in the middle of swear word. Everyone knew what it meant.
I know its not very nice to read , hear, or use bad language. Maybe suggest it, as Melly said, then perhaps see how it goes. They may enjoy winding you up! Forgive me if its not the correct thing to say to you.