This is brilliant!

What do you think?


It is brilliant. Unfortunate that it’s true in lots of ways.
Years ago standing at a bus stop, with a complete stranger,we saw a downs syndrome couple, being affectionate, just kissing and hand holding. The stranger said to me it was disgusting and shouldn’t be allowed! I asked why, they were teenagers who were happy with each other and doing nothing wrong. She said " oh, you’re one of them are you"??? Whatever that meant. Luckily the bus arrived because I didn’t want to engage in a conversation that was insulting to everyone. I was shocked to be honest.

Excellent Melly.

It should be shown in schools with a few bleep here and there.

This applies to many different types of disabilities.

Uninformed underestimated and patronising mostly some uneducated public.

I thought the expressions on the mans face were brilliant. x