The dreaded 35 hours minimum requirement - please clarify

I’m thinking – how on earth can I sit with mum for 5 hours straight – each day of the week? That’s not caring – that’s torturing each other. Can you imagine sitting with someone or being in the room for 5 solid hours each day? What on earth would happen to both of you?

I have been caring for her for the last 13 years, but then I lived with her. So I took it for granted – I was physically caring for all her needs. Now that I’ve moved out – things have changed.

I read in a forum somewhere that the 35 hours does not mean literally being with them physically for that amount of time. It means doing things like shopping, sorting out bills, ringing them to see if they are ok, taking them to doctors appointments and picking up prescriptions. At the moment I’m busy sorting out a cancelled flight abroad. That’s using up a tonne of my mobile talk time ringing the travel insurance claim line and Emirates. I’m also emailing the said companies. She also needs me to sort her iPad and emails.

So can someone confirm that this is the case? I can’t see it humanly possible to stare and chat with someone for 5 solid hours a day!

There’s no need to sit with anyone for five hours straight to comply with 5 hours daily - if you’re doing other things for your caree it all mounts up.

Shopping, cooking, washing, dressing, toileting, housework, gardening, taking them out anywhere, whether it’s just for pleasure or a Doctor’s appointment or whatever.

I reckon I’m “on call” whenever I’m not sleeping, so 105 hours per week for me - and being of pensionable age, I have to do it for no remuneration whatsoever.

I water her plants and cut the grass at times. We are getting extra “company” carers in; I don’t think they would do that. I’m planning for her endoscopy in a couple of weeks time. So - I’m now sure - I meet the 35 hours - without doubt. Thanks for confirming. I’m effectively “on-call.”

That 35 hours includes being “on call”, or doing things for mum, not necessarily with mum. The Carers UK helpline sorted out this for me a long time ago, using some interesting case law.

Have you links?

Sorry, it was long ago, before links. Has anyone queried this with you?

Theres a good summary here
The35 hours is the second or third item down

You look after that person for at least 35 hours a week

The 35 hours can include:

  • time spent physically helping the person
    time you spend ‘keeping an eye’ on the person, eg preventing them coming to harm by walking out of the house
    time spent doing practical tasks for them, eg cooking
    time taken doing practical tasks, even if you don’t do them in the presence of the person you are looking after, may also count (for instance, if you look after someone who visits you regularly for the care they need, time spent preparing for the visit or cleaning up afterwards should count)

So I am basically on call-out at all hours. Well - I am that; apart from when I go to sleep. I hope they don’t require that I don’t sleep - and be ill my self. I’m doing the usual then - but not from my room - from another house.

Victor, has someone challenged your entitlement to Carers Allowance?

Seems that way. I did ring and told them I’m still caring for her. And the DWP agent seemed to have accepted my status - as still caring for mum.

Perhaps it’s the Care Coordinator or the team in charge. I refuse to chase my mam’s delusions; as in she could ask me to take her to the Metro Centre to pursue some delusion she has of finding a Doctor near bye. I will not waste petrol and time doing so. The Psychosis Team seems to think I should just give in - to any request - as long as it’s not life threatening. Ok - I will - if they give me more money for the petrol!!! and more than the measly £66 per week!!!

It was the Care Coordinator. She removed me - by being sly - giving me the impression I was still part of the care.

What do you mean by “she removed me?” Tell us what is going on. The benefits you claim are nothing to do with a social worker!

Just read your other post. Make a formal complaint to both the coordinators employer and DWP. And explain that you ARE caring and do qualify and want it reinstated immediately.

Complain about her

Far from that. I’m a carer for my disabled son and I certainly do not talk to him for five hours. We are in the early stages of applying for DLA. I just filled out the form today and will send it off via secure recorded delivery tomorrow at the post office in town.

The money can be used for anything that benefits the disabled person. For some this includes a carer who comes while for others it means money spent on specialised equipment.

Examples of services include:

Finding work
Learning new skills
Money skills
Taking medication
Accessing the community
Travel training
Making friends

Ring to complain tomorrow first thing. She is unpleasant.