Teenager self harming

My daughter is 13 and has epilepsy and has had brain surgery to remove a avm in her brain she had her surgery in November and has had Suicidal thoughts since I only found out Thursday morning when I went to wake her and she wouldn’t wake up and since found out she took an overdose on her carbamazepine epilepsy tablets because she wanted to die thank goodness she’s home from hospital and we can deal with her issues x where in contact with the crisis team to get her help but I just feel so lost with what to do anyone else had any of the same issues she hides her thoughts and tells me she’s fine and I no she’s not ok x

Hi Cassie,
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What a frightening time for you both.

If you haven’t visited it already, the Young Minds website has information and support for both the young person and their parents https://youngminds.org.uk/


Dear Cassie I have been through similar with my son but his problems were very different…he hid is addictions from me for a very long time…he was self harming and also overdosed but thankfully was ok. In my experience your daughter won’t open up until she us ready to and possibly never to you. I found the NHS mental health services very inadequate. What helped was Dialective therapy and this led on to him wanting to go into rehab and he has been clean for three years now. Dialective therapy worked where cognitive therapy failed, which was offered by NHS. Unfortunately Dialective therapy wasn’t available on NHS so we went privately and it was worth every Penny if you can afford to pay then it’s the only way to get treatment quickly. I understand what you are going through but there is a way through.xxx

Hi Cassie, I’m very sorry to hear about your daughters problems. I understand she had an operation in November, I hope it was successful.
Your daughter might find it easier talking to friends or professionals about her feelings, so don’t take it personally if she won’t reach out to you. When possible try to allow her to make decisions about her daily activities so she feels she has some control.
If you are working try to take some time off work so that you are there for her.
And try not to put her under any pressure about school work or exams.
I hope you have help and support from family members and remember to look after yourself.
Take care ,
Karen Dee x