Anyone have experience with "The Canary"?

Hi Carers!

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with using one of those activity monitors Telecare are pushing on folks these days…(I believe the most common/popular one is the Canary, but I’ve heard other names mentioned that I can’t recall…something with a B I think?)…

A friend of mine’s father is at a point in considering one for a number of reasons, primarily to monitor agency carers coming in and out during the day, but we’re not sure how they work when it comes to visitors. He’s concerned about the possibility his brother (an unsavory character) could somehow managing to cheat the monitor and access his dad’s house without permission and without it being registered on the activity.

We know they do a “visitor card” which would track the carers coming in and out during the daytime but does anyone know what happens if the card isn’t used? Is the guests activity picked up as the cared-for’s activity? Could a visitor essentially put something over one of the monitors to prevent their presence being known in a particular room, or would that show on the tracking activity in some way? His father never goes into the spare bedrooms, but family valuables are kept in there, so it would be a bonus to know if anyone is accessing those rooms, and if it would show who it was.

My friend is trying to avoid having to put cameras in and is hoping the Canary (which the council is paying for) will reveal all instead.

If anyone could offer some insight it would be a big help.

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