Supreme Bio Bidet 1000 electronic bidet toilet seat any good

Hi I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Supreme Bio Bidet 1000 electronic bidet toilet seat or similar as my mother is now finding it difficult to keep herself clean in the conventional way, she has a normal bidet in her bathroom though she needs to be supervised to use it as she is prone to flooding the bathroom when left to her own devices in theory it seems a good idea though at over £500 it is a lot of money to pay for something that might not be as practical as the manufacturers would lead you to believe.

Reviews ?

Only Amazon ones out there … how many are bogus , I wonder ? Customer reviews: Bio Bidet by Bemis BB-1000W Supreme Warm Water Bidet Toilet Seat, Elongated, White

When it comes to expensive items like these, possibly an idea to talk to mam’s OT if she has one. Not just about their usefulness but always risk assessment.