Bidets .. useful for people with dementia?

My mum has Alzheimer’s and increasingly has problems keeping herself clean after using the toilet. My Dad is 90 years old and is struggling a bit with the hygiene problems and is thinking of replacing her toilet with a bidet, or perhaps a standard toilet with a bidet style lid - ideally with a warm water jet and a drier. Has anyone been down this road already for a similar cared for person and any useful advice or recommendations ? Thanks.

I don’t want to pee on your parade, but the problem with Alzheimers/ Dementia is that no sooner do you conjure a solution to a problem, than the problem will change, or the person with the problem will unwittingly (or purposely - who knows? ) find another way to confound you.

My wife had access to a toilet that also did the washing and drying when we were on holiday this year, it didn’t work well in conjunction with a commode placed over the toilet, there was a skirt below the hole in the commode which prevented both the water and warm air from reaching the necessary parts in sufficient quantities to be effective, I just wiped her bum as normal.