Suffolk's appeal re holiday & activities costs, dismissed

Suffolk’s appeal about holiday and activities costs, under the Care Act, was dismissed on 26 July 2022

Now, that is good news!

Agreed. I’ll be getting in touch with Hampshire asap! They’ve repeatedly denied, in writing, that holiday costs are anything to do with them!!!


Knock 'em dead, BB!

Incidentally, although the ruling is good news, it upholds the principles of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act, 1970, which included holidays (and was mostly ignored) as part of a person’s needs. But this ruling kills any arguments against it.

I was working in Social Care when the CS&DPA came into force, and a lot of my time was spent supporting clients to claim various things. When SSD were being difficult over funding for M’s holidays, I raised this issue, and was firmly told the Act had been repealed and none of it applied any more. However, the Care Act was supposed to include everything in the earlier Act, and more.

I had many an arg- er, many a discussion about that particular issue. This appeal decision proves us right.

I just feel the council is trying every trick in the book not to give us what we are entitled to at the moment.
I remind them that they are responsible for “organising their resources efficiently and effectively in order to meet their statutory duties”!