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Hi I am a carer for my 28 year old son who has got autisum learning difficulties and now has panic attacks and dose not leave the house in the past week he has left the house twice for a total of 30 mins. The doctors have put him on medication and contacted adult learning disablitys they have said he does not fit their model so wont help He has only been having these additional problems since we had to go to court for his pips I don’t know were to turn or what to do we have not had any out side support since he was 18 and with cams :frowning: :frowning: he says he is ok and does not need any help my only support is my elderly parent who have their own health problems

Lesley, I have also had a battle to get my 40 year old son with LD the care he needs.

Social Services MUST do a Needs Assessment when requested, and a Carers Assessment for you.
What does your son need help with?

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Did your son go out before the whole challenging PIP, in court business? (Did you win?)
What are his special interests?

Has he been assessed by social care? They can’t turn him down for support because he doesn’t fit their model of care! (Although, if they are only meeting the needs of those with critical care needs, they might argue his needs aren’t severe enough to qualify for support.)

Did attend a mainstream or special school, when he was younger?


Hi Lesley.

Just a follow on … NEEDS and CARERS ASSESSMENTS … links for the full sp on both :
Getting a social care needs assessment - NHS

Carer's assessment | Carers UK

What both fail to mention … waiting times … a real post code lottery … so , DON’T delay !

Hi I am a carer for my Brother (he is 77 with severe learning Disabilities) I had a terrible time getting any help as he had slipped through the net.
LD team did not want to know as he was over 65
Adult Services did not want to know as he had Learning Disabilities
Bowling Bun helped me a lot many thanks

Lindi, glad I could be of help, always nice to have a bit of feedback.