Struggling newbie (s)

Hi Victoria, so kind of you to remember me from before. Yes I managed to speak to counsellor through the GP. I got i think it was 6 or 8 sessions. It was really helpful being able to speak to someone without judgement. I originally went along feeling like my life was passing me by. Which it was.

The sessions dug into my relationship with my Mum, and opened my eyes to stuff about that which I already knew, but had been in a bit of denial about. Part of what I’d to do was a bit of journaling. That was tough! But so worthwhile to actually see it all written down. I cried when I was in my room at night writing everything down.

What gets me, is I wouldn’t take that from a partner, I’d walk. But when its your Mum, family don’t understand. They just make excuses for her. And expect me to keep on taking it. And the sad thing is, friends, colleagues and complete strangers are more supportive. So much for family

But I’d definitely highly recommend talking to a counsellor for anyone who’s struggling.

On a happier note, I’m settled in a great job! I really couldn’t ask for a better company to work for. My colleagues are brilliant and I count them as friends.

I’ve a long commute so I thought I’d move closer to work, then come home at weekends to do Mum’s shopping and cleaning. But when I mentioned this, everything kicked off. I was told I was selfish, that I wouldn’t leave my Mum if I loved her. They don’t know me any more. They’re finished with me. That I wouldn’t be able to afford to live on my own. I was given an example of a woman who’s daughters live with her, and they do it because they love their mother. I was told I need to be in the house at night to make sure my mum gets to bed safely. Etc etc etc. Then, wait for it … I was told it would be different if I was getting married, I could have my own place then.

Still being told how to live my life at my age