Still caring at 93 years old

Still caring at 93 and this system thinks that’s ok!


It is not OK.

Pretty sad state of affairs

I was just about to post this! They are not even on the vulnerable list. Appalling.

I wish we could have Barbara on here and tell her what she and her son is entitled too.

One for Carers UK who could contact the newspaper.

In my area, we are campaigning for the needs and rights of older carers to retire. Funding was obtained by Mencap to fund a formal research paper from the University of Bristol. As a result, there was going to me a new project, spear headed by a Service Manager, the one who has caused a lot of problems for me, but then lockdown started! Those coming out of long stay hospitals and moving into the county have priority, because they have ring fenced funding. The county says that housing for those like my son should be funded by the local council, the local council say it should be funded by the council!
Why does Carers Allowance stop when you get your pension. Shouldn’t you get MORE help, not less?

If you care for a parent, the chances are that the parent will die before you. If you care for your son or daughter with a lifelong disability, it is a life sentence for the family concerned. It shouldn’t be like this.

I think the whole situation is insane. There is no logic in ‘making people’ manage care and mainly with no adequate support or incomplete packages of support and you’re right Bowlingbun, it’s a life sentence but even I was shocked that a lady of 93 is still having to care and without proper support during lockdown. It’s frightening she’s so vulnerable yet has to struggle to the shops!

In my area, you don’t have an allocated social worker any more. Annual reviews don’t always get done. The rights of the child with LD have been totally ignored too. One day that parent will die. What will happen to the child then? Unused to other carers, faced with the loss of mum, who care for him then? Who will be there to say he hates beetroot, loves having a bath, what his bedtime routine is, etc etc?? Those with LD need to move out from the family home when parents are well enough to help them settle in, not when there is a crisis!