State pension delay

Has anyone else had their first state pension delayed ? I was 66 in October 2021.I have not been paid at all and despite phoning them 12 times, still no further forward.My carers allowance was paid in October and November and I was told today that because 2 payments had been made by mistake , my pension is frozen until the 2 overpayments were paid back.I have not received any letters asking for any monies back.In fact the last phone call I made the person told me my first payment would be low as they had taken the 2 over payments out.I don’t know what else to do.Any suggestions ?

Thank you


Contact your MP. I have it on good authority that DWP prioritise MP’s letters!!

Hi Barbara

It’s unbelievable waiting six extra years and still waiting. Surely, youR state pension is higher than carers allowance. So even if the DWP take back the carers allowance there would still be left pension.

As has been mentioned talk directly to your local MP. Waspi were also asking a few weeks ago for women who are still waiting after their pension due date. And they too have stated speak to your MP.