Deferred Pension and Carers Allowance

Just fond out I have been caught in a DWP trap wherein I have been deferring my pension to gain extra payment, but that has now been cancelled as I have been claiming carers allowance. Will now have to repay Carers allowance and lose pension gain forever.So won’t get anything towards caring and will have to carry on working.

It’s not a trap, Mr Panda, although I’d agree that it’s not very nice, but it’s all there on the Government website.

No doubt it is but if I read everything the Gov posts relevant to my claims, needs, business, tax etc I would do little else. They hide these little bombshells away which often don’t impact on understanding even if you do read them, its just information overload and no one seems to consider that - if its posted they have told you, yet a lot of people who need carer and or are Carers just either don’t have the time or struggle to comprehend. My tax credits seem to change every few weeks and each time I get a detailed letter with a lot of terms plus references to online resources.

I have the same problem, thanks for the valuable information.