Stannah service engineer in Manchester

Just wondering if there is an independent in Manchester. Have a Stannah for my partner but Stannah themselves won’t service it or sell us parts as they did not sell it to us. The reason why eludes me.

Visit the Yellow Pages website -

Do a search for Stannah service in Manchester.

A number of local firms will come up, who service Stannah stairlifts and other makes.

Ring round and you should find one that can help. Let us know how you get on.

Hello again, Kevin. Did you try my suggestion? Did you find a suitable independent local firm to service your Stannah?

Kevin has not responded, so let us hope he found a suitable service engineer either by following my suggestion or by other means.

As a general tip, for anyone reading, I have found that, the website of the former Yellow Pages, is usually the best way to find a small local business - service people, shops, pubs, etc. The big search engines are biassed towards big businesses and large websites. Hence for a small business, they are more likely to find the business name on a community website (if it is there), where the information is second-hand and possibly out of date. Also of course, many small businesses do not have web sites of their own, but that does not necessarily mean that they are no good. But practically every business has a phone number, and provided that is registered with then it will be found, with the phone number immediately handy - no need to hunt through a web site to find it.