Spotlight on taking a break

Good morning – I’m Jane (and I work at Carers UK). I just wanted to highlight some of our information resources on ways to take a break, such as our video series [Taking a break | Carers UK] and accompanying guidance [Taking a break | Carers UK].

With many services still not operating as before, there is also support on creating a contingency plan here which might be helpful: MyBackUp.
If you have any questions, we will try our best to help answer them! Thank you, Jane

Thanks Jane for sharing this information on ways for carers to take a break.

I also wanted to highlight a video recording of one of our Share & Learn sessions which focused on ‘Carers breaks and benefits’. The session was recorded in August 2021 and features Priya and Liz from our Helpline team who explore how to request breaks from your caring role, and how breaks from caring can impact your welfare benefits.

I hope you find the video helpful