Special dementia-friendly lock for UPVC door needed

My mum’s dementia is advancing quite rapidly and we currently have a problem with her locking the front door and then hiding the key and not knowing where it is. Its a UPVC multilock one.
Her carer said its possible to get locks that can always be opened from the inside, but are always locked from the outside, unless a key is used.
This would be the ideal solution, but I know nothing about them, and am wondering if it would need an ordinary door to be fitted, in place of the UPVC one, or whether any suitable could be fitted to the current door.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

maybe of help

One simple answer is to fit a Keysafe, either inside the house or outside, or both. Don’t tell your Mum the Keysafe combination and you’ll always have access to a key.

If the actual lock is a Eurocylinder, then it should be possible to fit a Snib type handle on the inside which can lock/unlock and open the door whilst it still operates with a key from the outside, see pic below.

Omg, Ive been agonising over this all day - visions of massive door and surround changing operation with mother having to be kept out of workmen’s way, etc… thanks so much! The keysafe alone wouldnt be a solution as when she does leave her key in the lock, nobody can get in from the outside, but the fact that only a cylindier change is need is a HUGE relief. Thanks so much! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Have you heard of the Bobby Trust, free advice and help on security issues. This sounds an enquiry right up their street! Let us know how you get on. I don’t have their leaflet any more, but I think they are all ex police officers.