"Special Abilities"

As portrayed in media and movies, people with autism can have amazing abilities that are impossible to comprehend much less recreate with someone that does not have Autism.

As we all know this is not the truth for all people that are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, none of this information makes the actual occurrences of these rare and seemingly impossible abilities less interesting.

One of the most famous examples of someone with a savant like ability is an Artist by the name of S. Wiltshire who was able to recreate a full mural of Tokyo after a 20 minute ride in a helicopter over the city. There are also other instances of those with ASD being able to identify the amount of items in a pile or what data a certain event will or has landed on.

There were studies done showing that 70% of autistic children and adults having special isolated skills related to memory, this is most likely referring to abilities in date finding as previously mentioned. Around 52% of this sample had abilities relating to understanding of movement through different dimensions, think of us moving through the third dimension or a simple line moving through a second-dimension space. 32% had calculating or art related abilities.

Once again while all of these statistics and abilities are fascinating it does not make Autistic people a feature or just something to study. They are people that we get to know and are your siblings and friends and classmates.

I put some time into this so I hope you like this!

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