Aspergers causes

What causes aspergers, from what Ive been told I had delayed speech development as a kid.

In fact I don’t really have a problem with it until I start using the English language. It was created by neurotypical people. It has alot of ambiguities associated with it. That’s ok I understand phrases and expressions, but I seem to get the impression that neurotypical associate too much photographic content with language.

Is it possible with neurotypical people that it’s expected that speech and photographic memory would be organised in the same part of the brain. Whenever I ask a neurotypical person to explain a concept to me it’s always because that concept involves both language and a photographic memory concept. They’re much more spontaneous at explaining it as well.

Conversely, why is it that when I have to explain a concept to a neurotypical person, for example a windows 8 setting that exists on a computer, I seem to have a stronger power of observation over that concept, why do neurotypical people have mind blindness. For example, isn’t it immediately obvious that when you run an application on Windows 8 that the program would require “run as administrator”.

Doctors say that aspergers people don’t see the wood for the trees, but what if trees and wood don’t have associated contexts that are able to occur when neurotypical people encode them into the same areas of their brain. What if I’m unable to encode a meaningful order of concepts and associate the visual acknowledgement of a tree but can’t spontaneously associate similar wood milling activities that are able to occur with that tree.

Is it correct to say that neurotypical encode the English language properly. They encode photographic memory as well and its all stored properly in the correct part of their brain. They have an over reliance on photographic memory concepts, they are more likely to use ambiguous language.

Then when this ambiguous language gets passed onto aspergers people it has to be reverse engineered, All the meaningful content that occured for the neurotypical person had to be put back into a redefinition that doesn’t have any unreliable photographic memory concepts.

That’s all I wanted to say. The human brain is the most complex thing in the world. I am interested in everything you have to say.

Hi Timothy,
I’d like to ask why you selected this forum to post on?

It’s my opinion that people on the autism spectrum and neurotypical people think differently and have different perspectives. This can make communication more complicated, but not insurmountable.


Is it worth posting links to the causes thereof … obtained from an Internet search … CAUSES OF ASPERGER’S SYNDROME ?

I’m sure the author has explored those links already ?